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A Senior Quality Professional with over 10 years experience in Quality Assurance, Ethical Hacking, and Web Programming. Securing information companies with cutting edge technology and industry expertise.

What is vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the cybersecurity vulnerabilities in a given IT system. The goal of an assessment is to locate weaknesses that can be exploited to compromise systems. Examples of such weaknesses are errors in application code, misconfigured network devices, overly permissive access controls in a database, or arbitrary code execution as detected recently with Log4Shell. Vulnerability assessment is an established area of security.

Why you should secure your WordPress

Over 75 million websites run on WordPress. Remarkably enough thousands of WP sites are vulnerable to attacks and get hacked each day. You can lose all your data, it can cost thousands of dollars, or worse, attackers might use your WordPress to target your visitors. Bots scan the web automatically for weak websites and hack into them within seconds. If your WordPress is vulnerable, it will be only a matter of time before you run into trouble. That’s why you should get started as soon as possible and check if your WordPress site is prone to attack.

CyberSecurity Services

• Mobile Device & Endpoint Security

◦ Mobile Device Management
◦ Mobile Threat Defense
◦ Business Mobile Secure

• Network & Cloud Security
◦ DDoS Shield
◦ Cloud Access Security
◦ Business Internet Security
◦ SASE Management

• Identity & Access Management

◦ Integrated PKI Authentication
◦ Identity & Access Management Services

• Cyber Risk Management
◦ Threat Intelligence Services
◦ Governance, Risk & Compliance
◦ Penetration Testing

• Managed Detection & Response Services
◦ Incident Response Team Services
◦ Network Detection and Response
◦ Managed Detection and Response

• Security Operation Center Services
◦ Security Incident Event Management
◦ Advanced Security Operations Center

• Incident Response & Investigation
◦ Rapid Response Retainer
◦ Incident Response Planning

• Web Security
◦ Web Application Firewall
◦ Bot Management
◦ Web Acceleration

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